On June 5th Heart present Aria act 1;
An experimental theatre conceived by the international designer Marianna Vittorioso, where dancers, Djs and all the artists perform in a contemporary way creating a moment suspended in time – during which the spectator arrives to thier inner feelings unbridled by the seductive perfume characterizing the A R I A party.

A field of olfactory sensations responding to original music, art, video, dance, sensuality and…provocation. The provocation to bring the Opera performance on the contemporary music’s biggest stage: I b i z a

Such a multi-sensorial show deserves to be translated with proper music by someone who’s capable to mix all these elements together, like a musical score.

Alex Neri is surely the missing element, able to combine his musical taste, his experience, his brilliant view of the world, with all others elements. He will be the Musical Maestro.

But every orchestra needs the right group of musicians, also capable to get into the spirit of the party; so once the musical research was done, Alex Neri strongly wanted to have with him to represent this big ORCHESTRA, great acts like..

Tuccillo, MIND the GAP DJs (Pako S & Genny G) and Maricha.

This complex alchemy makes ARIA an extraordinary show – mesmerising sounds, sight, taste, touch and above all, smell as the most erotic mysterious sense.

Deep music connects all the “substances” mixing in A R I A, stimulating all the senses and spreading audacity, intriguing transgression into the real protagonist: