Wednesday, October 31st, lost souls of clubbers return to HEART IBIZA to reincarnate back to life once again!

Brace yourselves for a unique and terrifying night where anything can happen, just like the horror movies!
Presenting an exceptional line up: YokoO, Hraach, Javier Gonzalez & Aracil. We ensure you horrifying music and sounds that will make the hair on your neck stand up straight! Your heart will beat faster than you can run as you wonder and get lost in our glamorous house of horror with dark, burlesque detailing in a gothic environment…especially recreated for HALLOWEEN!

Whatever you are convinced for seeing on this night, is real but from a parallel world. The blurred line between fantasy and reality is most present on this night at Heart Ibiza, there are no promises whether you’ll leave our house to the same world you entered from – when will you notice the difference? Maybe never? Maybe you’ll be one of those lost souls returning on Hallow’s Eve hoping to reincarnate back to the real world again…

Be warned, as you enter Heart Ibiza this Halloween…your spirit is ours until the moon falls and a new day arises once again.

We encourage you to create your own look…you are the main character on the night!

Heart Ibiza, where dreams become reality…see you on October 31st for a Horrific Halloween!

Doors Open: 23h00
(With a Halloween market on our outdoor terrace)