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Information about the different areas.

The New Season Heart 2018 is full of surprises to live a Complete Experience with an Aperitif in our fabulous Terrace, Dinner in our Main Room and Desserts during our performances and music time. The room is divided in 3 areas:

Premium: Located near to the stage. VIP table. 250€ per person. ***

Main: Located in the central room. The price of this table is € 215 per person. ***

***Prices are for the complete experience, drinks and some optional special dishes are not included

*** from 00:45 onwards some of the tables may be taken away to leave space for the Club. You can always keep enjoying the night and good music at our bars. If your are interested in making a Vip table booking you may contact our reservation department or letting one of our staff members know during the night. (Subject to availability)

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