Heart Ibiza is a creative partnership between Cirque du Soleil and the Adria brothers that explores what happens when food, music and art collide.

For it’s fourth season, Acid Sundays introduces the best of both worlds – by alternating venues between Heart and Las Dalias de Ibiza throughout the season!

October 13th, Acid Sundays returns to Heart Ibiza for one last dance!

Acid Sundays goes back to where it all started, Heart Ibiza! Suddenly we’ve travelled through time and re-appeared in the past; familiar faces and sounds, lost characters wondering around a place they once lived…but we are also in the present with a new version of the most eclectic party on the island!

Sounds that go beyond techno and house, sounds that elevate you and bring you together. A total connection with the island’s roots, absorbing its aesthetics, magic and freedom to create an experience never seen before!

Acid Sundays will make you dance, laugh and cry…connect, celebrate and create memories you won’t ever forget.

We hope to see you for ACID SUNDAYS on the 13th of October!