A night in Candyworld

Once upon a time, in a world not so far away, there lived 3 Amigos. Actually, they were 4, but they enjoyed keeping a sense of mystery and doubt, and they called themselves the 3 Amigos …still!
What the Amigos enjoyed most was to imagine journeys that would take them away to imaginary worlds of fun, friendship and frivolity! One day, a friendly music wizard crossed their way and granted them 3 wishes.. actually, 4 wishes: « Amigos, Amigos, Amigos… your spirit is good, your soul is pure, and for that I grant you 4 wishes to brighten the world. What will they be? »
The first Amigo said: « Let us create a world of Candy that we can share! We will call it Candyworld and it will be filled with goodies and sweetness. »
The second Amigo said « Let us invite the world to Candyworld and they will take part in our journey of fun, friendship and frivolity. They will become the Candy People. »
The third Amigo dared to ask: « Music wizard, please let us share the music and jam all night so the Candy People can free their spirits and sweeten their lives.
Finally the fourth Amigo added: « Wizard, wizard can you sprinkle wonderdust to fill Candyworld with light and magic, that will last the whole journey? »…
And so the wizard granted the Amigos their 4 wishes and A NIGHT IN CANDYWORLD was imagined. The Amigos and the Candy People danced and cheered and lived happily ever after.